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If there is life after death and poetry sill exists I would want to return as a poem, written by your hand spoken by your voice and kept into your heart. Advertisements

Ma vie est comme une fleur qui est neé à l’automn et qui meure à l’hiver. Une belle fleur, qui vive dans les montagnes et dans la campagne, qui vie dans la terre et regarde aux ciel. Qui reqarde aux étoiles dans tex yeux. Tu es comme une fleur qui est neé à l’automn et […]

Devils & Angels


Devils and Angels inside my head A devil in a cigaret, an angel in its smoke fighting the world with words.After the silince there’s a storm of attention of ignorance. Devils and Angels, harmonic rythme inside my brain pumping up the volume pumping up the beat. How’s Heaven, How’s Hell? Lord of infinity Lion of […]

A book untold


Numbers tumbling in my head A book unwritten, open in my heart You can read it if you want.Come closer, step into my life Tell me how it feels. Mind your head and the sigaret ashes. On page 55 you can read it How I tried to stop smoking, stop thinking about you. Please, start […]