A’lies II


She`s worth a book, all by herself
every atom in her gorgeous body
a chapter on itself.
A story of such beauty
that every book in Alexandria
becomes just a pale copy
of that amazing bookShe`s worth a planet, all by herself
with all it`s living creatures
little wonders by themselves.
A planet of such liveliness
that all the planets in the universe
are just some bad try-outs
trying to catch a glimps
of what she is

She`s worth a painting, all by herself
of such a heavenly beauty
that all the paintings in the world
look like worthless sketches
that try to catch her smile
I love her smile and eyes
her beauty all together.
When she talks it sounds like singing
and her wisdom is way beyond
that of any man

She`s worth everything I know, all by herself
She`s worth everything and I`m her friend


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