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Some ideas for in the case I ever start my own business (belgian pub) in the US and an idea to keep in mind for later… when I’m old. Giving them priority access, Mobo lets customers order from restaurants and pay for meals using sms. Delivering semi-ready meals to busy urbanites, who want to dine […]

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No I’m not talking about the Dutch word for “window”. RAAM stands for Race Across AMerica. Indeed a race fro, Eastcoast to Westcoast or the other way around. 3042.8 miles or 4896.912 km (if my calculation is good…) Anyhow, a nice ultra-long race because what you see on the map is start and finish, no […]

Toys for Boys


If I ever have too much money… technorati tags:toys for boys, quad, bmw



Because of a comment of my sweet, lovely girl about the recumbent I’m sitting on… One of the missions I still have to accomplish before going to the US is making my girl ride one of the following bicycles: Will be fun to see that happen… :):) I’m not Evil.. I’m just me technorati tags:recumbent, […]