My new world


Things will change soon for me and, surprise surprise, I’m completely up for it. My ticket to the US has been booked (non-refundable) so there’s no way back. Actually, I will never leave. Why not you ask me. Afraid? Nope, I have found somebody who will probably take over my life. My appartment will be rented by my good friend Tim. He is also going to buy my bike and probably my car too. So he’s going to take over everything for the girlfriend (well, and the job but I keep that to make profit out of it and they are looking if it isn’t possible for me to keep on working for them while in the US as a service engineer….). Curious how everything will go…

But until then I’m still around, trying to figure things out, getting ready to move out, saying goodbye to friends and still try to receive as many couchsurfers as possible -also something that will be taken over by Tim, my couch and the couchsurfers who co-own it by now. To all the couchsurfers who already stayed at my place… your just al welcome when Tim lives here as you were when you came to surf my couch. Ofcourse you are all also invited to check out my new couch from the beginning of September…

Okay, time to get ready to drive my car to Rotterdam to meet up with my girlfriend and some friends to have a BBQ in the sun, enjoy a good beer, smoke a waterpipe (apple tobacco) and eat some good food. Life can be wonderfull in summertime (in winterime it’s wonderfull too, spending time close to eachother and enjoying the snow and cold)…
Soon a report on the BBQ and all the other things that keep me busy.

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