“Hello America…


… may I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs….”. As I might have told you before, I’ll be pretty nervous for the wedding of my girlfriends sister. Why? Well, , for me it will be the first time I see the family. A little tourist attraction. I’m already getting ready to answer questions like “Oh, so Belgium is the capital of Brussels isn’t it?”. “You speak Dutch… so you’re from the Netherlands? Oh, and French too… then you’re from France? German… then you’re from Germany?” or tons of questions about how I met Amber, what I do, what I’ll be doing etc etc….

A good excuse to avoid that is always welcome, crossed my mind a little while ago. Well, my future sister-in-law (2-3years waiting T&M Plaunty) provided me with a solution. She needs some hellp with all different kinds of things for the wedding. All not that important. Starting the music at exact the right moment; ask people to enter, stand up, sit, roll-over,…, show them the way to the beverages and the hors d’ouvre… Those unimportant things like do the announcement to ask the new-wed couple in. Make sure a big applause bursts out etc etc.

On the one hand a good excuse to hide away a little bit (in the beginning) and act busy all the time. On the other hand a good opportunity to start to talk with people after the party. On the other hand…. NERVES. It’s a pretty big chalenge and test. We’ll see how it will work out but anyhow, I have myself another thing to get a little bit nervous about. I’ll do all the non-announcing things for sure. The announcing we’ll just see. I certainly am very honoured they asked me to do it.

You’ll hear all about it later…


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