Summer is back in town and I… I’m sick. Lovely isn’t it?

On the one hand it isn’t that bad. Now I have the time to do my ironing, clean up my appartment and do all those things I wanted to do. A day not at work but still a working day. It’s something different and althoug I don’t really feel like doing all those things, they have to be done.

On saturday there’ll be a lot of people staying at my appartment for the Saving Iceland festival and so all those things have to be done. 5-10 musicians on my appartment, it’s something different then 2-3 couchsurfers but we’ll manage… Although I don’t feel very well, I’ll be the best host in town… but before all of that I first have to go to the funeral of Sus Lambaerts, an old teacher of mine who also played in the same theater group as me. He lost the fight against cancer last week. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to another cancer victim after my Uncle Jan who died just over a year ago.

Going to the funeral will not only be difficult because I don’t like funerals but also because there’s this party on friday from my old school. It’s always a blast but I think I’m going to take it easy. Don’t want to puch myself to the limit… Then again: normally it will be the last party of my old school I’ll be able to attend in the next 2-3 years… moving to US and stuff.

Anyhow, a lot of things to do and not really the energy for it but what has to be done, has to be done…

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