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As you might know, I’ve bought myself a new computer and I’m migrating all my old data to ther new one. While checking all my documents for things I could delete and could keep, I discovered the following picture: The picture is taken on the 6th of December 2004. I completely forgot about the championship… […]

My Laptop


Finally I’ve taken the step to buy a portable. As usual it was a little bit of an impulse to buy it but on the other hand it was also needed. My old compter is not really the portable type and I needed something to take with me to the USA to keep on doing […]

Some vehicles I like

Pictures taken by Totosh The Summer of Antwerp has started again with some amazing events. One of the events was the visit of the Giant, the Sultan and it’s Elephant. A performance by Royal De Luxe. The story goes that the sultan dreamed of a beautifull girl that had a rocket with which she could […]