The Sultan Ant The Elephant


Pictures taken by Totosh

The Summer of Antwerp has started again with some amazing events. One of the events was the visit of the Giant, the Sultan and it’s Elephant. A performance by Royal De Luxe. The story goes that the sultan dreamed of a beautifull girl that had a rocket with which she could travel through time and space. In he’s dreams he fell in love with her. So what else is there to do for a lonely sultan then to build an Elephant that can also travel through time and space… (they lost me here). Anyhow. On a quiet thursday evening the rocket of the giant (the smaller sister of the giants who visited Antwerp in 1993) crashlanded on one of the major streets in Antwerp…

Too afraid to leave the rocket, the giant needed some time to adjust to the new sounds and rest a little bit. The sultan in the mean time was able to track her down to ask her to get maried… (and the rest of the story I leave up to your imagination…)

Favourit hobby of the Giant… Using rope and needle to pin down cars on the street…

The elephant, sultan and the giant sleeping on Sint-Jansplein. (She snorred hard btw)

Changing shoes… Women… tssss

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