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Oké, hier zijn dan de eerste foto’s van San Francisco. Een hele lading. Het verhaal achter iedere foto ga ik niet vertellen maar ik kan wel in het kort een beschrijving geven van de afgelopen dagen. Eerst en vooral de aankomst. Na een kleine 4u vertraging in Londen door de toegenomen veiligheidscontroles (schoenen uit, broeksriem […]

De eerste stap


For all the English speaking people who read this: I’m very sorry, but in order to keep my Dutch up to a reasonable level, I’m going to write everything in that sweet language that hardly any people speak. I’ll try to do some translating while writing but as usual I can’t promise a thing. Zover […]

Yet another, not so usefull, website. Upload a picture of yourself and see which celebrities look like you. They all just want to be like me… 😉

The Hat!


Some pictures from some time ago. The HAT at the Couchsurfing Brunch in Antwerp, feb. 2006. Pictures by Tiin4.

Never knew there was a difference between 2year old kids from the US and those from Canada. Toys designed for kids of that age, might not be suited for kids of that age… (or that’s what I understand from it). By the time you’ve read all of this, you’re kid is probably nagging already very […]



Some loveable household items from dasmöbel. Some of the things are soo incredibly simple that even I should be able to make them (if I find the right gear). technorati tags:houseware, design



romp, wallpaper menagerie I love the concept of application of these vintage wallpapers. Just love it!