Ekeren, the town where I was born


I love maps, I love maps a lot. Now with googlemaps it’s even more fun. Putting pictures on the locations where you took them, going to locations and check out pictures of the area. Loveable!

Today I stumbled upon such another map and checked out my hometown (Ekeren). These are some of the pictures I found: (and their explaination by the guys from erf-goed.be. (Translated from Dutch)

(Photos: James Van Roosbroeck)

The Castle

The “Hof van Veltwijck” is a building in traditional brick and sandstone style. It consists of a U-form water castle from the 16th century situated in a square landscaped park, and a U-form complex with on the north side a central gate, and a cobaltstone road with “Linden”-trees that connects the building with the Veltwijcklaan This is the view I had when I walked out of the door of my parents place…

The Church of Ekeren

The church of Ekeren, which has the knight-saint Saint-Lambertus as aprotector, belonged to one of the biggest church communities inBrabant. She used to be the religious center for Ekeren, Brasschaat,Hoevenen and Kapellen. The church building, with the grey sandstonetower measuring 69m, had a moved history. Fire (1492), lightning stroke(1683) destroyed the church. This is around the corner of my parents place.I used to bike past it from the beginning of highschool until I movedto “Den Dam”

You can find more wonderfull pictures of old architecture in Belgium on www.erf-goed.be and on their flickr-site.


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