The difference between US-kids and Canadian kids


Never knew there was a difference between 2year old kids from the US and those from Canada. Toys designed for kids of that age, might not be suited for kids of that age… (or that’s what I understand from it). By the time you’ve read all of this, you’re kid is probably

  1. nagging already very hard because he can’t start to play
  2. playing on the thing already so taking him/her off would result in crying
  3. fell off the thing and interupted your fine reading of all the dangers that you know using your own commen sence.

I don’t know if I will ever understand the need for all those warnings… Well, I understand that otherwise they get massive lawsuits in their neck. But still, if you use your common sence then you know that those things can be dangerous if you don’t take care. And if you have worked with kids you also know that they recover much faster then adults after falling from something etc. Entanglement is a danger, but again, common sence can solve this…

Anyhow… I hope I don’t have to read too many of this kind of labels. I know my coffee is hot and that if I fall over my shoelashes it is my own mistake.


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