The road back home…


… or isn’t it home anymore. It has been a subject we tried to avoid as much as possible just for the mere fact that only the thought of it could crush us both in just a split second. It was a thought that we both knew would become realty sooner or later but it was a reality we ignored.

I’m on a plane right now, heading East, and my girl -hopefully a sleep by now- is West. I’m heading home they said. Back to the family, to the people I know and who missed me for the past 3 months. To the wonderfull life in Belgium, in Antwerp, with all those friends, that fantastic family, those amazing couchsurfers that can stay at that incredible apartment… It’s all true. My family is great, the people I know are great, life is wonderfull in Belgium, life is wonderfull in Antwerp, and I do have an incredible apartment but what is it worth. What is it all worth now that I can’t share it with the one I love. What is it worth to me now but empty boxes and superficial things. I loved the life I had and I’m thankfull for all those things. I’m happy I have friends and family who fight over who can come and pick me up at the airport in too many hours from now but frankly, what is it worth without my Amber…

It has been a strange day today. Walking around in San Francisco and meeting up with a couchsurfer or 2, staying at the exact same place as where I stayed 3 months ago when I was freshly seated into American soil. Moments of stupid join -sitting down in the grass making cards for friends togethet with Amber (okay she made the cards, I just fooled around with paper)- and moments of sadness, crying in eachothers arms at the airport not knowing when we would see eachother back… I still don’t know but I do know in 90 days, the exact same time I spend in the USA, I want to be back. Paperwork or no paperwork. My birthday needs to be celerbrated in Eugene/Springfield. I know what I have to do to make it happen and I’m sure about what has to happen.

Amber, sweety, I know I didn’t show enough of it in the past 3 months. Been slacking around a little bit too much but I needed that to figure out what and how I want my future…. our future. We do make an amazing couple and we own it to the world to show how good we are. (and the world can thank us while we’re growing old together by letting us couchsurf all around).

But back to the title…. The road back home is not the road back home I used to take 3 months ago. The road back home doesn’t lead to that house in Ekeren where my parents live or that apartment in Antwerp with the nice leather couches… Some publicity claims that “my house is where my Stella is…” (Belgian brand of beer). They’re right… Only my Belgian Beer is not called Stella Artois. My beer is called Amber Danielle Plaunty and my house is wherever she is. I don’t care if it’s Springfield, San Francisco, Antwerp or the middle of Bumblefuck. My house is where my Amber is… and that’s a fact so I’m afraid my friends and family will have to adjust to that and not the other way around. I love you, friend and family, but my ass belongs to Amber. Including the 5lbs I gained this week.

For all the people in the Eugene/Springfield area who listen to things like “andz zjou know what happenz next…” or are in any way related to this sentence: some Belgian quality meat will be shipped to Eugene soon. It’s not me but it’s almost as good. (sorry, you have to admit that my quality is hard to beat, except maybe by you Lee, but you’re not Belgian :P).

Love from a Crazy Belgian fool who killed his mind by drinking too much airplane wine (3 bottles and ready to ask for some more free ones) so that he wouldn’t jump out of a plane while flying at 649 mls/H (groundspeed) over  Lake Superior (Canada) at an altitude of 35000 ft hoping to land on his feet, hitchhike back to Eugene and see his sweet love arrive while sitting at the porch that he has build while waiting for her arrival. Just to see the stars in her eyes ofcourse….


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