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Cool Bicycles


Another load of cool bicyles… This time I found them on “The Bicycle Forest” Advertisements

Found some cool bicycle concepts on ImConciencia blog Enjoy…



As some of you might know I’m a ambassador of Somewhere in August the “Gazet van Antwerpen” contacted me for an interview just before I left to Eugene, OR to see my girlfriend. I forgot about the article a little bit but found it back today… It’s in Dutch so don’t worry if you […]



The Triobike is a great bike. I love the concept and want to try it out. Look at the level of detail in the front and backlights…

This is a design from Jacob Feldman, made for G2. This is how he describes it himself: The shape of the bicycle is based on an idea to make a bicycle frame that looks like one solid part instead of having a lot of parts that are welded together. I tried to keep the “feel” […]

Bombproof Bike


Over at Blue Collar Mountain Biking there’s a discussing about a “Bullet Proof Bike”. When I read the title I was already imagining an oversized, ultra strong velomobile but it appears they are going for a very durable bike, low cost, low maintainance but still high quality. Something to keep track off… These are the […]

B-List Update


At “” you can find a good selection of bicycle related blogs and when they are updated. Makes it pretty easy to follow every little thing on cycling…