MSOE Human Powered Vehicle


Fully faired tricycles are great and if I would have the money I would certainly buy one. Thanks to Tim Biesemans of Tim Biesemans Ligfietsen, I have had the luck of trying out a couple of the most famous ones here in Europe being the Quest, Mango, Go-One and wAw. The movie above is from a project of some Engineers in the USA that made it on to Fox news. It’s a nice effort but I do have some remarks about the design.
First of all there’s the big air intake on the top of the body, just in front of the window. I’m sure that it’s very nice when the weather is hot but for weather like here in Belgium, with rain all year long, I’m sure you would prefer not to have all that water go into the air intake. The opening behind the head of the rider might give some refreshment too but I’m not sure water won’t be dripping in if your standing still at a red light. I haven’t seen the details of the hydraulic transmission but as far as I know, within low-cost thinking, doesn’t beat the efficiency of the normal chain transmission. Ofcourse I’ve also seen a couple of nice things on it too. As far as I could notice it has nice space-frame like structure which would protect the driver a little bit more on a side impact and it also has a race-car like rollcage which is also something nice to have when somebody hits you sideways and you roll-over…
It’s nice to see, and nice to hear that one thing is universal: all great projects are finished late at night… I would give it a 5/10 overall…

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