G2 Strada Concept Bike

Strada Strada
This is a design from Jacob Feldman, made for G2. This is how he describes it himself:

The shape of the bicycle is based on an idea to make a bicycle frame that looks like one solid part instead of having a lot of parts that are welded together. I tried to keep the “feel” of a traditional bicycle but at the same time creating something new. By almost keeping the basic outline of the “double triangle” frame I feel that the frame is still pursued as a bicycle as we know it, which is important for the segment of city racers. At the same the frame has its own expression. I worked a lot with the overall expression of the bicycle trying to make it feel flexible and fast in the city context.

The concept is made for people who care about their bike a bit more than the usual day-to-day biker, they live in the city and value the bikes speed and it’s light weight.

I worked together with a small Swedish brand called G2 to make the concept more real. Therefore I have incorporated G2s values into the frame and made it suit their target groups

I made a full-scale model to visualize the project and give it a more “real” feeling. .

I wouldn’t be able to state it better…


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