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Ingo Respect


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Lippen Gloss


Zachtjes kus ik lippengloss en smaak je smaak zo honingzoet Je nek zo teder en zo rank streel ik met vinger en met hand

An early morning phonecall woke me up out of my dreams. A sweet and lovely voice said quiet well mannered and clear ”I love you my dear” The sound just echoed in my head and without any thought I said “Oh Dear, I love you too with all my heart, I feel horny, please come […]

Who wants to be Superman or Spiderman or whatever kind of “Super Hero” if you can drive/fly this thing. I’m only missing the submarine option because as you all know that is the thing that is missing on every mode of transportation… powered by performancing firefox

A combination of everything that is happening for me currently… It’s old and I’m getting old too… Well, and actually that’s where the comparison stops. It looks cool and to do promotion I think it is a great transport. Maybe we should look into the option of making something like this for Another link […]

It has been a while since I’ve been thinking about city planning but with seeing these overdone Russian concepts on “Dark Roasted Blend“.  It’s great to see all those concepts from the past; that industrial utopia,… Have to follow the new developments again I think… Technorati Tags: city planning, russian concepts powered by performancing firefox