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Map My Name


How many people are there on the internet… Nobody knows indeed. This website is not going to solve this question but it’s just a nice google mashup… Powered by ScribeFire. Advertisements

Me and Mr Q.


The last time I saw this little fellow was just a couple of hours after he was born, one day after my birthday. Last weekend we had another BBQ with Larry’s place, little less then a year after the big announcement thet Elli was pregnant…

3 Reasons


I don’t agree on the styling of the car but I do agree on the phylosophy behind it (certainly if the most right teammember would explain it to me… Hell, I agree on anything with her ;)). It’s an OpenSource Car. so basicly they have put together a framework that is open to everybody to […]

“Sprawl is eating the planet…“, that’s the source of this documentary I found  via some excellent blog on Ecology and Sustainability. For the moment it’s only airing in Canada, which is a shame as far as I read the story on it.

Crossing the street is something very easy to do, not? Well, in India you have to be a little bit crazy to do so…



Mindlab Originally uploaded by Veerle Pieters. I want one of those in my office (once I have my own office building)… Justp ut your ideas on the wall, live inside THE MIND!