No Impact Man


Some people have balls. They do what they believe is good and go for it 200%. No Impact Man and his wife are two of them. “No Impact Man” is on a green mission, and not an easy one. He is changing his whole lifestyle to make as little impact as possible on the ecosystem without quiting his job, moving to some remote area or anything like that. He’s still living in New York (?), still doing the job he had before the change,…
He’s reducing his impact on the ecosystem in various ways and he’s taking it step by step. Beside only eating localy grown organic food, washing clothes by hand, recycling,… soon he’ll be taking it one step further by stopping to use electricity (@home?!) . I myself as a computer/gadget freak would have it difficult with that so my respect for him is even bigger. If I would have been 10years old I would have told you he’s my new hero… the person I want to be when I’m grown up. I’m a little bit older then that, suposedly more serious, so I say “He’s an amazing person” and in my head I know he’s my new hero ;).

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