Letter to a Gold Coast Princess


Once upon a time in a rainy country called Beerland a boy was sitting behind his computer thinking of times when sun was shining through that same window he was looking through for the moment. His mind drifted off and in the distance he could hear the scream of his backpack. A backpack that had been left aside for too long and really needed to be taken out for a walk. His head drifted toward far and remote locations on that piece of dirt he lived on and through the sweet soft scent of fruits his mind popped up a picture of this little princess living on an island full of ex convicts (no offense mate) where she lived from the sweet mango’s. While the boy knew his budget was too small to travel all the way (unless he took his bicycle out) his head started planning this crazy adventure. His goal: eat a mango with the Princess while looking over the ocean… Tell her tales of beauty and romance; horror and fear; simple things and complex story lines. He knew that one day he would accomplish this goal in life but he kept on wondering when it would be the best time of the year to build his raft and float to the island, float to the princess… The boy realised that “when is it mango season so I can try to figure out when I can try to make it to Australia?” was a much easier question to ask then writing this little story but he just liked it so he did…. Obviously the boy was hoping that everything out there on the other side of the world was great with that princess who he met only for a too short period in time. Since he didn’t trust technology all that much he had send out his most fearless messenger to check on the princess to see she was doing fine… His messenger was still living in the land of Beer but soon she would leave her safe place behind and go to Surfers Paradise to check the waves and (secretly obviously) check on the Princess. His messenger carried “Lore” as her codename and the boy was surely going to send a little thing with her for the princess. (he only had to think about the promise he was making at this exact moment and actually give something to his secret agent ;).


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