The beginning of a new end


He hated it, typing one handed. Every keystroke being remembered of his stupid behavior last night but it was stronger then himself. He had to start this story that, like many before would not have a descent ending and he knew that this story would be even shorter then the other ones due to the handicap he imposed himself to. Although he was generally a relaxed person who would never get angry, a person who never had any feeling of hate towards other people,… he once a year had to let go of the negative energy he received  in the past year. Sometimes it was in the form or biking like a madman downhill on a busy road but this time is was more lame then the times before. This time he had saved it up too long and the burst came moments after a stupid and completely understandable remark of his at that time already ex-girlfriend. He felt how energy was collecting in his body, all pushing towards his arms and before he knew it he had hit the closest wall he could find….

Due to his lack of fighting skills and his good luck at that moment he managed to hit a 2cm wide wooden construction pole hidden behind a reasonable soft gyproc wall. Normally he would have hist straight through it although his didn’t look like somebody who would be able to even hit through a plaster wall of 1mm thick. Anyhow, he had found the one solid part of the wall and he noticed fractions of seconds after his fist had struck the wall. A good friend of him had once told him that he had to use the middle knuckle of the fist to hit things but in his anger he had forgotten and his left pinky finger knuckle was the unwilling victim. HE didn’t hear a heroic snapping of bones when he hit the wall, he just fell like an idiot doing it although the strike at that moment hadn’t finished it’s painful interaction with the wall…. Then again, the release of energy fell like a re leave. He felt good by doing it although he knew he acted like a complete fool.


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