In a world that is becoming increasingly smaller, Belgium as it is now is an archaeological construction that shouldn’t stand the test of time. Don’t misunderstand me; I believe Belgium is a great country, rich in people, rich in ways of handling different problems; rich in problem solving language barriers but the current political situation puts a brake on what we as a nation can accomplish. Although Belgium was created as a buffer state between France, Germany and the Netherlands and was never founded with the idea of great nationalistic feelings, there are plenty of things we can be proud of. Obviously you have the many inventions that were created by Belgians. A small list includes the invention of Bakelite by Baekeland, the creation of the saxophone by Adolph Sax and the contributions of a belgian who’s name I currently forgot to the development of the internet… Many more should be added to this list but since we Belgians are not the proudest of people we tend to forget the names and accomplishments of people born and raised in this little country of ours.

So what is currently wrong with Belgium politically? For that we should consider several things. First, it is important to know that there are about 10.000.000 people living in our densely populated country. That might seem like a lot of people but actually it isn’t if you look at it on a world scale. Plenty of cities have more inhabitants on an even smaller area. It is also important to note that Belgium is a constitutional monarchy and a federal state. So basically we have a ceremonial king (and family) who get tax money “to survive” and we have a federal government with 3 region governments. Obviously all payed with tax money. The powers within are so spread that one government can’t do a thing without having problems with one of the other governments. These statements are no criticism, just facts and observations. Plenty of details that can be discussed but this text/blog is not the place for that.

I love Belgium and I still believe it’s one of the best places to grow up in but I believe that we can do better and that’s what Be² is all about: a concept for a new Belgium, an open concept that should grow over time, covering all the details that are needed but backed up by a solid base. Below is a list of basics I believe should be taken into account:

  1. Belgium is one country so we only need one goverment; not 3. This also includes that rules are the same in all the regions resulting in a more simplified administration.
  2. Focus should be on innovation in all the different field: creative, engineering, economics,… all backed up with an as cheap as possible educational system that is closely integrated with the industry to stay on top of everything.

more to come


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