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I forgot where I found this one but I think it’s cool… Will give some more explaination later… Advertisements

I am not a couchsurfing addict but… Well, I love this sticker. It’s a pitty my bike doesn’t have a windshield or anything like that ’cause otherwise this would be on it. Replacing “surfing” with “couchsurfing” ofcourse…



Messing around in Photoshop a bit for the Emerald City Roller Girls, the Roller Derby Team of Amber. Still missing a lot of things to it but let’s first wait for her reaction on it and how she likes it… More information on Roller Derby can be found here…

  After years and years searching for the ideal web-application to do some project management, to get myself organised and other fruitless efforts, I jumped ship somewhere last year when I discovered the Moleskine sketch books. I have always had sketchbooks but non that I carried with me all the time, leave alone a sketchbook […]



Something I can use for sure… 😉