The Offline Life


Moleskine Notes 

After years and years searching for the ideal web-application to do some project management, to get myself organised and other fruitless efforts, I jumped ship somewhere last year when I discovered the Moleskine sketch books. I have always had sketchbooks but non that I carried with me all the time, leave alone a sketchbook that got actually used. So for over a year I have my loyal Moleskine with me all the time and it gets used pretty well.

In the beginning of our little relation, I used the Moleskine mainly for sketching. Drawing project details when they popped in my head. Nowaday, while working on some more abstract projects and doing some more meetings then before, I’m also starting to use it as a notebook. Since good notetaking is as much as an art as good sketching, I’ve been doing some research on the topic and ended up at blog of Tim Ferriss, the author of “The 4hours work week“, a book that I happen to be reading right now too… On his blog, Tim gives some nice ideas on good note taking. Definitly check it out…


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