I love bicycles


The weather sucks for the moment here in Belgium. One moment you have a crazy burning sun, the other it’s raining cats and dogs -and then I’m talking about the real vicious ones. For most people not the moment to start dreaming about bicycles, let alone riding their bicycle through stormy weather without fenders or descent rain gear… Call me an idiot but I love being on my bike when it rains and is not too cold. The perfect moment is just before the sun hits your face again, when you slowly see the world come alive again. Being outside on the road at that moment is just plain lovely.

Anyways, I’m currently still stuck to my desk for a couple more hours so I thoughed I’d share the pictures I found on various website with you. Credits to those who deserve credits… sadly enough I always forget to note those things down. So if you’re readign this and you know who deserves credit for a certain picture, send it along…

More pics after the jump…

I couldn’t find any information on this TNT delivery bike frmo Dijon. I like the concept but I also see still plenty of room for improvement. Maybe should give it a try and get that rusty bicycle design brain of me working again… The Partybike frame has been destroyed (luckely) but the things learned from that one will come in handy.

Okay, the bikes in this one are not really that great… Just like euh… angel, truck and colors.

And to finish just a simple “Pimp My Ride” bicycle. You’ll never see me on one of these. They’re way over the top and not usefull most of the time but I do like the rendering and the efforts of trying to make a bike look cool…


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