To-Do lists and Stockholm


It has been a while again since I’ve written all kinds of stuff except work related things. I had this blog with ideas that I almost forgot about myself, I used to write stories and poems letting my inner child free on paper… Is it the growing-up  part of life that made me stop doing all these things or did I, like with so many projects I’ve started, just loose interest. I’m still figuring it all out. Fact is that I’m not good at finishing things and that on both a personal level as on a professional level I should change that. Starting things up is fun, the joy of having finished something in a good way is something I haven’t enjoyed a lot yet.

Today, sitting in a hotel in Stockholm, inspired by a book from Mike Gayle called “The To-Do List”, I feel I have to change things a bit. Just looking at how I spend my day yesterday, shows me that I have to get myself back on track with getting things done. Or rather “finishing things”. Yesterday was supposed to be a bit of a working day. I left Antwerp pretty early to catch a plane and had planned to use the boring flying time to dig into a couple of papers I still have to read. I ended up reading the book I brought and nothing else. During the trip I told myself I would compensate by working in the hotel room to finish that to-do list my boss gave me. I ended up working on my website (, playing around a little bit with a rework of a site (partly for work but out of the scope of what I should do), chat on facebook, go through all of the blogs I try to follow because I’m a geek and watch a couple of things on television. All in true multi-tasking style. It is to say: not focussing really on anything and just wasting a lot of time… So here I am sitting on a sunday morning with that to-do list yelling at me. I really have to finish it but I have to change hotels too and I should see something of the city. And that’s another weird experience now…

There used to be a time that I would trek around with my backpack, pop into any given place and start talking with the people. Just socializing, getting to know some great places and making friends on the road. The past couple of trips I didn’t feel the urge anymore to really go out and discover the unknown. Not sure where that comes from. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve settled down, cocooned a bit too much already. Not sure what but after those couple of years on couchsurfing, meeting all these wonderful people it feels as if my brain is not capable anymore of processing new encounters and steers me in different directions. It’s a weird after those roller-coaster years active in this travelling community. Where I used to go to every single meeting all over Belgium and Europe, I now find myself hesitate when it comes to just going to a bar with friends. I still love couchsurfing, but then on my own couch, in front of the television with my laptop nearby and Diana within reach. Just together being boring and enjoying it. I like it a lot that we’re both capable of enjoying eachother without having to do these amazing things. Is this growing up? I don’t know…


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