Who needs a descent website if you’re going for world domination


My current employer VITO is going to a transition. We used to be a pure tech research company. Management is now trying to shift towards a more future orientated company. I can only applaud this shift since I felt a bit out of place as a designer between the engineers here. VITO wants to become a major European/World player in the field of sustainability and has done some re-organisation. All still fine with me but the fact of the matter is still that the old structures are also still intact and that a flat-level, open structure is still far from being implemented. They’re working on it and that’s good…

Today however, I got a good feel of the old culture again and I can’t resist posting about some of the absurdity (or at least shortsightness according to me). Today a media campaign was launghed for the start of the Flanders Cleantech Association. Since I’m always interested in new initiatives related to sustainability here in Flanders, I checked out the website immediately… and almost died of graphic shock… I’ll post a picture later. The site is just plain ugly and looks like it is made by a 5year old (although most of them probably would do a better job… blindfolded…). So what do you do in that case? Indeed, you list your remarks and send them to the communication unit as feedback. Some of the remarks I had were:

  • 2 different logo’s. One just the VITO logo but then the letters FCA and wrong spacing etc the other is more a banner with a gradient bright orange background and flashy green logos on it. Biggest one is an icon of a polluting factory (remember it’s a Cleantech website).
  • No structure… at all…
  • In my mind Cleantech = clean so for the graphics: whitespace, simple subtle gradients maybe and some nice color accents

The reply I got was:

  • it’s not as clean because they want to make the link to “society”. Not too techie…
  • The CEO has approved the website so no change possible

Now, you can have a discussion on the first part (although the crappy execution is never an excuse). About the second part, I’m sure the CEO has seen a website and has said it was okay but is that the person who knows something about websites? Is he able to judge it? Not in my opinion but anyway. I’m thinking of next steps to take but not sure what I should do….


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