London to Beijing…by rail? | GDS Publishing


By Dan Jones | 03/17/10 – 16:55 – The Chinese are famous for their outrageous infrastructure projects – you don’t build something like the Great Wall without being ever-so-slightly ambitious. And if you are to believe the latest whispers to come out of the People’s Republic, nothing has changed.

Passengers could soon travel from London to Beijing in a little over a day on trains travelling almost as fast as aeroplanes. China is in negotiations to build a 2000 mile high-speed rail network to India and Europe with trains capable of travelling at over 200mph within the next ten years. Trains would also travel to Singapore, India and Pakistan – and this is just the first phase.

A second line would head to Germany via Russia (exact routes are currently undecided), and a third line would extend south from China to connect Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and Malaysia.

Wang Mengshu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a senior consultant on China’s domestic high-speed railways, said this month that work on the Southeast Asia line was "underway".


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