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Mi Amor…


Let me introduce you to the most beautifull girl in the world… Let me introduce you to the girl I love (and who loves me)… Advertisements



As some of you might know I’m a ambassador of Somewhere in August the “Gazet van Antwerpen” contacted me for an interview just before I left to Eugene, OR to see my girlfriend. I forgot about the article a little bit but found it back today… It’s in Dutch so don’t worry if you […]

My Laptop


Finally I’ve taken the step to buy a portable. As usual it was a little bit of an impulse to buy it but on the other hand it was also needed. My old compter is not really the portable type and I needed something to take with me to the USA to keep on doing […]

Another Eugene, Orgenos search on Flickr. This is where my love will spend all the time she’s not spending with me… Where will I be? That’s something we still have to figure out but it will be nearby enough… Does Springfield ring a bell? technorati tags:Eugene, Oregon, University Blogged with Flock

My new world


Things will change soon for me and, surprise surprise, I’m completely up for it. My ticket to the US has been booked (non-refundable) so there’s no way back. Actually, I will never leave. Why not you ask me. Afraid? Nope, I have found somebody who will probably take over my life. My appartment will be […]