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They keep amazing me, the Wilson Brothers. Here you have a 36″ wheeled cruiser and a curvy Colnago… Technorati Tags: Wilson Brothers, bicycles, design powered by performancing firefox Advertisements

It has been a while since I posted another map in this blog. I have my moments where I just love the whole geotagging scene and other moments where I completely forget everything about it… Since I’ve bought myself a new gadget that has GPS in it I’m back in love with the whole geotag-scene […]


digg_url = \\\\’\\\\’; The website isn’t finished yet. Some tweaking and adding content but we’re getting there for our new company. If the website itself (& integrated webshop) is finished we’ll also launch a blog, wiki and forum. Please do give your opinion in the comment section of this post or mail me (info [at] […]

B-List Update


At “” you can find a good selection of bicycle related blogs and when they are updated. Makes it pretty easy to follow every little thing on cycling…

A post copied from the “Bicycle Design” blog. Great overview of blogs related to bicycles and cycling: As I mentioned earlier today, Masiguy just posted his B-List, the bike related blogs that he reads on a regular basis. Tim’s list is a take off of the Z-list, which you can read more about in his […]