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I am not a couchsurfing addict but… Well, I love this sticker. It’s a pitty my bike doesn’t have a windshield or anything like that ’cause otherwise this would be on it. Replacing “surfing” with “couchsurfing” ofcourse… Advertisements

Me and Mr Q.


The last time I saw this little fellow was just a couple of hours after he was born, one day after my birthday. Last weekend we had another BBQ with Larry’s place, little less then a year after the big announcement thet Elli was pregnant…



As some of you might know I’m a ambassador of Somewhere in August the “Gazet van Antwerpen” contacted me for an interview just before I left to Eugene, OR to see my girlfriend. I forgot about the article a little bit but found it back today… It’s in Dutch so don’t worry if you […]

Fun Fun Fun Originally uploaded by Kellen!. I’ve put my pictures of the last couchsurfing meeting online (Rotterdam – Sint-Niklaas meeting 2006) and started searching couchsurfing pictures of that meeting on Flickr… I didn’t find pictures of the meeting but I did found this picture by “Kellen!”. Check out the rest of his amazing pictures…

The Hat!


Some pictures from some time ago. The HAT at the Couchsurfing Brunch in Antwerp, feb. 2006. Pictures by Tiin4.

I think “Gazet van Antwerpen” loves couchsurfing. Last week I got a phonecall from a freelance journalist working for the newspaper and today I got another one from the same newspaper but from another journalist. They both didn’t know about eachother so I took the liberty to inform them both on it. Maybe I shouldn’t […]

Some pictures my last couchsurfer and fellow flickr-user (wollushin) made during his stay in Antwerp. He’s not the first picture-happy couchsurfer who visited me… Check out mkebbe, Squirrel From Paris, Everywhere At Once… And then I still forget all those people who don’t have a flickr-account. My (messy) appartment. Long live the wide angle lenses… […]