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Dig the style of a 1930s coachbuilt concourse winner, but are merely moderately rich and actually want to drive the car on the road? The Delahaye Bugnotti Roadster recreates the timeless look with a modern LS1 V8. Penned by Chip Foose with the intention of referencing the mid-‘30s Delahayes and Bugattis, the Bugnotti Roadster is […]

The Cooper-Hewitt, National design Museum of the USA currently has an exhibit on designing for the other 90% of people. People who can’t afford all our design luxury but who do need simple tools to make their life better… Powered by ScribeFire.

It has been a while since I posted another map in this blog. I have my moments where I just love the whole geotagging scene and other moments where I completely forget everything about it… Since I’ve bought myself a new gadget that has GPS in it I’m back in love with the whole geotag-scene […]


digg_url = \\\\’\\\\’; The website isn’t finished yet. Some tweaking and adding content but we’re getting there for our new company. If the website itself (& integrated webshop) is finished we’ll also launch a blog, wiki and forum. Please do give your opinion in the comment section of this post or mail me (info [at] […]



digg_url = ‘URLOFSTORY’; Just like the B-list is about bicycle blogs, the D-list is about design blogs. I’ve put the netvibes page online. Just click the netvibes button at the end of the post to add it to your “vibes”page… ——————————————————————– swissmiss eskimokaka .:. nicodemus & littl’Q Fosfor Gadgets Brand Spanking New NoDesktopHero Future Feeder […]