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De eerste stap


For all the English speaking people who read this: I’m very sorry, but in order to keep my Dutch up to a reasonable level, I’m going to write everything in that sweet language that hardly any people speak. I’ll try to do some translating while writing but as usual I can’t promise a thing. Zover […]

Another Eugene, Orgenos search on Flickr. This is where my love will spend all the time she’s not spending with me… Where will I be? That’s something we still have to figure out but it will be nearby enough… Does Springfield ring a bell? technorati tags:Eugene, Oregon, University Blogged with Flock

Woody in Eugene


Looking in Flickr for some pictures of Eugene Oregon I stumble across this one… Woody Harreldson in the University of Oregon… Nice. The reason for his visit? Well, this is what the photographer said… Decked head to toe in hemp cloting, including a stocking cap embroidered with a marijuana leaf and the words “Hemp Rocks” […]