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My current employer VITO is going to a transition. We used to be a pure tech research company. Management is now trying to shift towards a more future orientated company. I can only applaud this shift since I felt a bit out of place as a designer between the engineers here. VITO wants to become […]

Just a little rant on after reading some “independent woman” posts on couchsurfing, a discussion with my girlfriend on the topic and some experiences with getting all kinds of insurance. Before starting off however I have to mention that I love women and think that there are still a lot of discrimination/differences between the two […]

Saying that I have an inspirational view on Stockholm while writing this would be the overstatement of the year as made clear by the picture. Still, the time here on my own in a crappy hotel room have done some good. Can’t say that I’ve finished all the things that I wanted to finish but […]

It has been a while again since I’ve written all kinds of stuff except work related things. I had this blog with ideas that I almost forgot about myself, I used to write stories and poems letting my inner child free on paper… Is it the growing-up  part of life that made me stop doing […]

Bike Jacket


turn signal biking jacket – More DIY How To Projects

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