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Hutchinson Tires Urban Video – Copenhagen Cycle Chic Remix from Colville Andersen on Vimeo. Advertisements



bicycle 100 days two-wheeler event Exhibition ‘Bicycle’ The Netherlands has 16 over million inhabitants and an estimated 18 million bicycles. This summer the Designhuis in Eindhoven will honour this very Dutch phenomenon with an exhibition titled ‘’. From 22 June through 5 October 2008 this exhibition will form the heart of a 100 day two-wheeler […]

Beema is a inner city trick bike by Andreas Martin that allows you to take on any obstacle that the urban area throws up; chairs, banks, rails or just the street. It fills the gap between FMX, scooter and BMX. Besides the the stunt riding it gives you the possibility to overcome distance inside a […]

handle with care #1, originally uploaded by sebastian’s belle. Wish this popped out of the packaging I’m working with all day…

The Meaning of Life, originally uploaded by Breathtaking Photos.




Today I notided the little sentence at the end of my phone bill. It nicely states that they have analysed my bills to see which plans fits me best. Appaerently the Al Yildiz Faturali Hat 20 plan is the best one for me. Now, my Dutch is not perfect but as far as I know  […]