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Well, saving the world is said a lot but this project shows that bicycle parts are more functional then you might think. This is a project done by “Rebec and Kroes” some Canadian retailers for Cannondale did with the “lefty”. Since I currently still have my two legs I haven’t tried it out and likely […]

It has been a while since I posted another map in this blog. I have my moments where I just love the whole geotagging scene and other moments where I completely forget everything about it… Since I’ve bought myself a new gadget that has GPS in it I’m back in love with the whole geotag-scene […]

My Laptop


Finally I’ve taken the step to buy a portable. As usual it was a little bit of an impulse to buy it but on the other hand it was also needed. My old compter is not really the portable type and I needed something to take with me to the USA to keep on doing […]

Some vehicles I like