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Some advertising for the Clima Bike Locks found on AdGoodness. The publicity is made by the Star Reachers Group from Bangkok

The Deck


The Deck is a collection of influancial blogs, most of which I try to read on a regulare base. As they describe it themselves it’s a “creative, web + design profiessionals advertising network”. Basicly they joined forced and agreed on selling publicity space on their blog. Unique is that you as a company have to […]


digg_url = \\\\’\\\\’; The website isn’t finished yet. Some tweaking and adding content but we’re getting there for our new company. If the website itself (& integrated webshop) is finished we’ll also launch a blog, wiki and forum. Please do give your opinion in the comment section of this post or mail me (info [at] […]

       Some quick design for publicity for