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Ze noemde mij een woordenkunstenaar en liet zacht mijn woorden haar ogen strelen. Als een ochtendbries die komt aanrollen van over de weidse prairie en stilletjes de geur van zoete bloesems in haar opneemt kronkelde mijn woorden rond haar borsten, af en toe en een beetje speels haar tepels rakend. Geurende woorden, gevangen in de […]

The man of a thousand stories had dissapeared from the face of the planet again for a while. Why, he wasn’t sure anymore. Maybe to resource he’s energies spend on too many nights awake, thinking of stories he could tell the Amazon girl, maybe because the beer almost took power of him at night (During […]

He hated it, typing one handed. Every keystroke being remembered of his stupid behavior last night but it was stronger then himself. He had to start this story that, like many before would not have a descent ending and he knew that this story would be even shorter then the other ones due to the […]

Once upon a time in a rainy country called Beerland a boy was sitting behind his computer thinking of times when sun was shining through that same window he was looking through for the moment. His mind drifted off and in the distance he could hear the scream of his backpack. A backpack that had […]

“Dancing the tango with a complete stranger under the Eifel tower. Climbing a tree and look out over the rain forest to see only trees and birds. Take a bath outside with a view on a Norwegian Fjörd in wintertime and see a moose walk by. Gently kiss a loved neck, turn around and dream […]

Once upon a time a girl somewhere in a little town called Springfield received an unexpected letter. The letter started with the same words as the first sentence of this story and upon reading it a second time she could only confirm that the writer of this story was right. “It must have been a […]

Daar waar de Nijl de piramides kust, zachtjes op hun wangen, en Cleopatra haar Caesar versierde met haar prachtige neus, daar in dat land van kamelen en mummies, zitten mijn gedachten nu. Ze zijn gevlogen over Alpen, over de landen van Europa en de Middellandse zee. Gevlogen richting het verleden zo’n klein jaartje terug. Gezeten […]