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This is a detail of a indoor phone at a couchsurfers place… If you have something like this laying around, do let me know… I want to have it… Advertisements

3 Reasons


Crossing the street is something very easy to do, not? Well, in India you have to be a little bit crazy to do so…

It has been a while since I posted another map in this blog. I have my moments where I just love the whole geotagging scene and other moments where I completely forget everything about it… Since I’ve bought myself a new gadget that has GPS in it I’m back in love with the whole geotag-scene […]



As some of you might know I’m a ambassador of Somewhere in August the “Gazet van Antwerpen” contacted me for an interview just before I left to Eugene, OR to see my girlfriend. I forgot about the article a little bit but found it back today… It’s in Dutch so don’t worry if you […]

… or isn’t it home anymore. It has been a subject we tried to avoid as much as possible just for the mere fact that only the thought of it could crush us both in just a split second. It was a thought that we both knew would become realty sooner or later but it […]

Hoe drinken de Amerikanen hun koffie? Geef maar toe, het is een vraag die jullie allemaal al lang beantwoord wilden hebben. Wel, jullie reporter ter plaatse is diep in de gedrochten van de AMerikaanse maatschappij doorgedrongen om deze prangende vraag te beantwoorden. Een vraag die misschien géén levens zal redden maar er ook géén zal […]