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City Stickers


City Stickers, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness]. This is a cool picture I’ve found through A great blog to follow on bicycles in de Danish capital…. Maybe we should create one for Antwerp too, and a blog, and some descent bicycle paths, and and and… Advertisements

wine in a C


From Core77:“Serious wine enthusiasts outraged with the introduction of the plasticbottle stopper alternate to corks are going to choke at the thought of wine in a can. That hasn’t deterred Swedish designer’s Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsmanwho’s single serving prototype can hints at the shape of a wine bottlewhile offering a huge range of possibilities […]


Another chocolate sweety. Also check these chocolates

Mike Burrows shows his bikes off from recumbent rider on Vimeo. I first met Mike Burrows on Cyclevision 2007. He really IS the bicycle designer I look up to. One day I’ll create my own recumbent but for now I’ll just dream away on owning a bike designed by Mike…

I forgot where I found this one but I think it’s cool… Will give some more explaination later…